Trouvay & Cauvin Group provides hydro testing and actuated valve pre-commissioning for actuated valves.



Valve Hydro Testing

Trouvay & Cauvin Group provides a complete range of tailored services for all types of valves, whether sourced through us or not. All valves stocked by Trouvay & Cauvin are systematically hydro tested before delivery (API 598, API 6D, or else), while valves in transit through our Valve Actuation Centre are tested to the percentage level requested by the customer.

Actuated Valve Pre-Commissioning

Pre-commissioning of actuated valves is an essential part of our activities. This service includes actuator selection (electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, gas over oil, etc.) and sizing to fit the application. It also covers valve and actuator assembly, actuated valve functional testing at given differential pressure, and motorized valve hydro-testing, when required.

Our engineers design the necessary interfaces (ISO 5210/5211 or MSS SP-101/102) required to complete the MOV/AOV/HOV assemblies, and adaptor kits are machined in our Valve Actuation Center, with full traceability of the raw materials used.

Commissioning services also are also available on the project site for actuated valves with a 2-year on-site warranty*. Trouvay & Cauvin Group’s team of experts is ready to work with you anywhere in the world.

*2-year warranty valid when Trouvay & Cauvin Group is in charge of component selection, sourcing, assembly and pre-commissioning in the Trouvay & Cauvin Group Valve Actuation Center, and final commissioning on site.