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TROUVAY & CAUVIN Group is back in Africa

After Thailand, USA, South-Korea, Malaysia, China and Oman, TROUVAY & CAUVIN is keeping path with its geographical expansion and opens a new branch, TROUVAY & CAUVIN Africa, in charge of strengthening T&C presence in the African markets. The Branch is operated from a new fully manned office opened in Nairobi - Kenya.

Answering a pressing request from some our major Clients operating in the African continent, End-users and EPCs alike, T&C new local presence in the continent should allow us to better support their developments in that part of the world and to actively take part in the growth of the East-African region with our process piping supply know-how and value added services.

Main sectors in which TROUVAY & CAUVIN Africa will be involved are:
• Oil and Gas
• Mines
• Water treatment
• Industries
• Building, Infrastructure

A local action, with a global vision

Our Nairobi office is supported by our 3 stockyards in Middle-East (Jebel Ali, U.A.E. – Doha, State of Qatar – Jubail, K.S.A.), and this enable our customers to have, from Africa, access to 40,000 tons of process piping, valves, actuators, fittings, flanges and water network accessories. With our large & comprehensive inventories, we can start any project immediately so that our Clients will not have to wait for all required items to be manufactured and shipped before their project begins. We also can support any project till completion with stock delivery of shortages. This, added to our long-standing relationship with the world’s top manufacturers, makes Trouvay & Cauvin the one-stop sourcing and procurement partner for any process piping, valves and actuation and structural steel requirements.

Trouvay & Cauvin could not be a recognized PVF packager without offering a complete range of services such as project management, logistics, and both at-site and in-house services - on piping and valves. The list of our services is long; we highlight here the main ones:
• Project management: we dedicate an on-site sales engineer, whose job is to manage all the client’s project requirements, such as stock and material management, buy-back and supply chain management.
• On-site services:we provide personalized assistance for greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness, like actuator pre-commissioning, valve interlocking and actuation training, retrofit and maintenance, steam survey and energy audit.
• Valve Automation Centre (VAC): valve actuation, testing, modification and repair.
• Shop Machining and pipe finishing:shot blasting, painting and varnishing, cutting and bevelling, threading and grooving, galvanizing, coating and wrapping, colour coding and marking.

The next step of TROUVAY & CAUVIN Africa will occur in 2014, with the opening of a stockyard in Kenya and another office in West Africa to support major End-users and EPCs operating there.

Trouvay & Cauvin Group continues to be built on the parent company’s original values and expertise. Over the years it has forged a reputation as being a trusted piping solutions partner for the world’s most ambitious oil & gas and infrastructure projects. The return of T&C in Africa marks an important step in re-establishing an Customer focused international network.

Contact us :
Morning Side Office Park, Fifth Floor,
Ngong road / Kilimani road,
P.O. Box 54331-00200, Nairobi,
Tel: +254 20 3861183
Fax: +254 20 3861186
Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



TROUVAY & CAUVIN China, Shanghai branch, moved out

China is the world's largest steel manufacturer and is still developing at a rapid pace its output, product range and quality. TROUVAY & CAUVIN counts in China some major Customers and also some of its major suppliers. It has been identified as one of the key markets for our group and as such it will remain a key focus of our agenda.

To answer our Clients’ increasing demands for quality Chinese origin material and products, TROUVAY & CAUVIN set up in 2012 an office dedicated to the Group procurement of steel products from Chinese manufacturers, backed up by a full in-house Quality Control team.

Due to the increasing demand for Chinese origin products in our markets, TROUVAY & CAUVIN Group procurement office in Shanghai had to further strengthen its workforce and recently relocated to a bigger office.

Our new office contact in Shanghai is:

TROUVAY & CAUVIN Piping (Beijing) Co. Ltd-Shanghai Branch
12/F Platinum Tower,
233 Tai Cang Road,
Shanghai 200020,
Tel: +86 (0) 21 5175 1543
Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Quality is paramount due to the often stringent conditions in which our products are used and this has always been a TROUVAY & CAUVIN corporate value since the beginning. Our main logistic operation in Jebel Ali, U.A.E is certified to: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OAHSE 18001. Our Shanghai operations follow under strict controls, guidelines and practices of our Group Quality Management systems.

In order to ensure the quality of the products that are sourced in China, we have in place a team of experts with years of experience in Quality Control based in China.

This team is responsible to identify capable Mills with proper quality control procedures in place and then prior to qualifying them as a “T&C Approved Mill”, the team conducts quality audits to evaluate all its manufacturing process and quality control systems. Each audit covers several areas, including review of mill certifications, evaluation of management & quality control methods, Health and safety procedures, material traceability, non-conforming materials, corrective action, inspections, testing equipment, and documentation.

This process is a critical part to ensure that the Mill meets our quality expectations as this will enhance our ability to deliver from China quality products on time and in line with our Clients’ technical requirements.

As a direct result of this, it is worth noting that in a very short period since this office started, our team has developed a list of approved manufacturers of each category of steel product. This list is of course a constant work in progress, as new Mills are included and existing Mills are either maintained, downgrade or delisted depending on their performance and capabilities.

Post order stage, our QC Controllers conduct on- site inspections at various stages of production and also prior to load outs. Prior to release of material for shipment and delivery, a review of test reports and technical documents is also done to satisfy the project criteria.

The systems we have put in place for sourcing from China have enabled TROUVAY & CAUVIN to provide our clients some unique, cost effective solutions but more importantly the confidence that the quality of the Chinese products that we sourced is never compromised.

Building & Infrastructure


Build in confidence

As part of the new business organization of TROUVAY & CAUVIN, an Infrastructure Division at Group level has been recently set-up in order to consolidate our know-how, product portfolio, sales strategy and marketing actions.

The Building & Infrastructure market represents for TROUVAY &CAUVIN an important part of our activity and expertise. As such we believe that the creation of a new business line at Group level dedicated to this market will allow us to strengthen our existing Middle East footprint, develop new value-added solutions that can be proposed to our Clients and streamline the relation with our key supply partners on landmark projects. In addition this new organization will enable T&C to foster the promising developments and investments to come in the region particularly with the two international events that the region will host: The World Expo 2020 in Dubai and Football world cup in Doha. The Infrastructure division will also focus to bring our expertise and package solutions to new markets such as Central Asia, Africa, Iraq (…)

TROUVAY & CAUVIN Group offering for the Infrastructure market includes complete piping packages for building. Our long-standing relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers, combined with our sourcing expertise, offer you access to high quality piping materials, valves and accessories, including but not limited to: Saint Gobain (Cast & Ductile Iron products), Armstrong (Steam solutions), Devatec (Humidifiers), and Tyco (Grooved & Threaded products).

In order to cover a full panel of requirements, from quality to cost-effectiveness, we have also developed our own complete range of piping for HVAC, fire-fighting and chilled/potable water applications. Thanks to strong partnerships with mills in Europe, USA and Asia we are able to supply products manufactured according to international standards along with our stringent proprietary specifications, and under T&C’s own quality control from start of the manufacturing process to finish.

The continuous drive to improve our value-added packages leads us to promote additional solutions to our Customers for instance in terms of sustainable energy management (solar systems, heat exchangers, digital mixing valves….)

We know how to meet the stringent requirements of high-profile projects thanks to our large stocks of cast iron, ductile iron, seamless and welded steel pipes, valves, fittings and flanges in our five logistic platforms around the world. To enable you to start construction activities immediately, we can supply initial quantity from our stocks and source the balance from incoming mill orders. You no longer have to wait for the entire quantity to be milled and shipped before your project can begin.

Unmatched scope of supply
~ Full range of T&C Carbon Steel or Galvanized PVF packages
~ Grooved Piping system
~ Stainless steel pipes and tubes
~ Ductile iron pipes and fittings
~ Cast iron drainage systems
~ Valves, Actuators and accessories
~ Humidifiers
~ Plate Heat Exchangers
~ Solar systems
~ Water temperature control – Recirculation Systems

We wouldn’t be a real packager without value added services. Trouvay & Cauvin Group also provides a complete range of pipes and valves services that simplify your project requirements: wrapping, grooving, painting, valve actuation, commissioning and maintenance, are a small selection of what we offer. Our team of engineers is also here to provide the contractors and the clients with an assured long term support for installation, commissioning and up to long term maintenance contracts.

~ HVAC Network/District Cooling
~ Fire-fighting Network
~ Plumbing/Drainage
~ Potable Water
~ Steam and Hot Water Systems
~ Desalination/Sea Water Cooling



Nicolas Bujes as new CEO of TROUVAY & CAUVIN Group

We are glad to announce that Nicolas Bujes has joined the T&C Head Office in Dubai, U.A.E., as CEO of TROUVAY & CAUVIN Group.

With the strong growth that TROUVAY & CAUVIN has encountered in the past few years, the planned expansions in 2014 and the investment strategy for the coming years, it had become compulsory to split the positions of CEO.

Nicolas is now in charge of the complete Group operations and this frees up time for Laurent Marie, as Executive Chairman, to focus on the key strategic developments of the TROUVAY & CAUVIN Group and the review of the new investments such as yard expansions or office openings along potential acquisitions.

Nicolas was during 4 years General Manager of TROUVAY & CAUVIN APAC and China. He was in charge of restarting the operations of TROUVAY & CAUVIN in Asia.