Building & Infrastructure


Build in confidence

As part of the new business organization of TROUVAY & CAUVIN, an Infrastructure Division at Group level has been recently set-up in order to consolidate our know-how, product portfolio, sales strategy and marketing actions.

The Building & Infrastructure market represents for TROUVAY &CAUVIN an important part of our activity and expertise. As such we believe that the creation of a new business line at Group level dedicated to this market will allow us to strengthen our existing Middle East footprint, develop new value-added solutions that can be proposed to our Clients and streamline the relation with our key supply partners on landmark projects. In addition this new organization will enable T&C to foster the promising developments and investments to come in the region particularly with the two international events that the region will host: The World Expo 2020 in Dubai and Football world cup in Doha. The Infrastructure division will also focus to bring our expertise and package solutions to new markets such as Central Asia, Africa, Iraq (…)

TROUVAY & CAUVIN Group offering for the Infrastructure market includes complete piping packages for building. Our long-standing relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers, combined with our sourcing expertise, offer you access to high quality piping materials, valves and accessories, including but not limited to: Saint Gobain (Cast & Ductile Iron products), Armstrong (Steam solutions), Devatec (Humidifiers), and Tyco (Grooved & Threaded products).

In order to cover a full panel of requirements, from quality to cost-effectiveness, we have also developed our own complete range of piping for HVAC, fire-fighting and chilled/potable water applications. Thanks to strong partnerships with mills in Europe, USA and Asia we are able to supply products manufactured according to international standards along with our stringent proprietary specifications, and under T&C’s own quality control from start of the manufacturing process to finish.

The continuous drive to improve our value-added packages leads us to promote additional solutions to our Customers for instance in terms of sustainable energy management (solar systems, heat exchangers, digital mixing valves….)

We know how to meet the stringent requirements of high-profile projects thanks to our large stocks of cast iron, ductile iron, seamless and welded steel pipes, valves, fittings and flanges in our five logistic platforms around the world. To enable you to start construction activities immediately, we can supply initial quantity from our stocks and source the balance from incoming mill orders. You no longer have to wait for the entire quantity to be milled and shipped before your project can begin.

Unmatched scope of supply
~ Full range of T&C Carbon Steel or Galvanized PVF packages
~ Grooved Piping system
~ Stainless steel pipes and tubes
~ Ductile iron pipes and fittings
~ Cast iron drainage systems
~ Valves, Actuators and accessories
~ Humidifiers
~ Plate Heat Exchangers
~ Solar systems
~ Water temperature control – Recirculation Systems

We wouldn’t be a real packager without value added services. Trouvay & Cauvin Group also provides a complete range of pipes and valves services that simplify your project requirements: wrapping, grooving, painting, valve actuation, commissioning and maintenance, are a small selection of what we offer. Our team of engineers is also here to provide the contractors and the clients with an assured long term support for installation, commissioning and up to long term maintenance contracts.

~ HVAC Network/District Cooling
~ Fire-fighting Network
~ Plumbing/Drainage
~ Potable Water
~ Steam and Hot Water Systems
~ Desalination/Sea Water Cooling