Trouvay & Cauvin Group supplies and extensive range of valves and actuators, with the direct support of quality assured manufacturers.  As well as large stocks, T&C Group has a Valve Actuation Center, actuating both linear and quarter turn valves.

Pipes, Fittings & Flanges are at the heart of Trouvay & Cauvin supply.   With extensive stock of seamless and welded pipes, butt-weld and forged fittings & flanges T&C is able to service global customers.

Trouvay & Cauvin provides a comprehensive range of filters, strainers and filtration packages.  Backed by quality assured design and manufacturing.  T&C can address virtually all filtration requirements for process applications.

rouvay & Cauvin's range of safety products includes Flame Arresters, Tank Furniture and Silencers. As always backed by quality assured manufacturing support, T&C offer these critical components with complete confidence.

Trouvay & Cauvin UK have been providing the industrial market with engineered products used on steam and hot water systems, for over 30 years.  With a large range including isolation valves, control systems, steam trapping and tracing, condensate recovery and engineered packages, we are well placed to offer advice and product selection to suit almost any application.

T&C has developed an excellent range of Speciality Piping Products.  This enables customers to package large and small values of varying SP Products, in the knowledge that T&C has both the manuacturing support and competence to provide this service.  The same dedication to compliance, which pervades T&C Group, applies equally to SP Products.

Trouvay & Cauvin UK has assembled a consortium of Blue Chip Manufacturers, supplying to the development on  Infrastructure Libya.  This included the gas projects for the delivery of gas to domestic, commercial and industrial properties; also water, water treatment and desalination.

Fittings, Connectors and Valves are the main focus of Trouvay & Cauvin's subsea product range

All these products will be available in a variety of grades to suit any project needs. In addition, to provide maximum project flexibility, the above standards can be modified to meet specific technical requirements.