Pipes and valves sit at the heart of the upstream sector, which includes searching for underground or underwater oil and gas fields and drilling exploratory wells. It also covers the wells that recover and transport crude oil or raw natural gas to the surface. This sector is also referred to as Exploration and Production (E&P).

The E&P sector operates in almost every corner of the world and Trouvay & Cauvin Group, with over 130 years of experience, has the resources, expertise, inventories and capabilities to effectively cater to and execute tailor-made piping solutions for every customer requirement.


The conditions in which mines operate and the materials being extracted present special challenges when sourcing structural steel and processed pipes. It is important to pick steel capable of withstanding the conditions while offering the cost efficiency required.

Trouvay & Cauvin provides supply solutions from its structural steel and processed piping range to the mining industry and for the machinery used for mining and exploration.

Quality first

  • Trouvay & Cauvin Group has long standing relationships with the world’s leading mills, which all meet international quality standards. These manufacturers have proven track records in supplying products to prestigious energy projects around the world.
  • We also enforce strict controls during steel production to provide full traceability of the materials and to ensure that product quality meets the applicable specifications and inspection standards.
  • If required, these controls can be reviewed and/or witnessed by reputable and independent third-party inspectors appointed to the project.

Offshore Production Facilities (Platforms/FPSO/Rigs/FLNG)

Offshore exploration and production operate in a very complicated environment. Because of the variety of conditions and the different types of platforms used, piping solutions require a very specific accompanying program, with a specialized team that understands and is capable of meeting the challenges.

Trouvay & Cauvin Group has a special division fully dedicated to upstream applications and managed by a team of experts. We can support you from seabed to surface. Thanks to our strategically located stocks we can provide a wide range of products to meet all your requirements.


  • Subsea
  • Fixed Platform (FP)
  • Semi-Submersible Platforms (SSP)
  • Compliant Tower (CP)
  • Tension Leg Platform (TLP)
  • Mini-Tension Leg Platform (TLP)
  • SPAR Platform (SPAR)
  • Floating production storage offloading (FPSO)
  • Mobile offshore production unit (MOPU)
  • Drilling
  • Shipbuilding, conversion & ship repair

Onshore production facilities

As hydrocarbon resources become scarcer, exploration of new fields is being planned and developed, with most of them located in remote regions and difficult environments.

Trouvay & Cauvin Group’s expertise and experience in the supply and execution of onshore oil and gas projects is recognized worldwide for providing effective answers to major challenges. We can supply a complete range of structural steel, processed piping and valves for all greenfield and brownfield projects across all phases, processes and components of oil and gas production process.


  • Oil/gas separation Units
  • Terminals
  • Onshore Platforms