Quality of Duplex and Super Duplex Equipment Assured


supex duplex 1Sourcing of duplex and super duplex materials for valves and strainers is critical to ensure compliance, not only with international standards but also with the strict requirements of Oil and Gas companies.

When Trouvay and Cauvin Ltd. works on Oil, Gas and Petrochemical projects, engineered in the United Kingdom, the company only uses, manufacturers that have a supply chain which complies with current market restrictions for sourcing and supply of duplex materials; for example CDB for filters, strainers and SP Items and Viar Valvole, for trunnion-mounted and floating ball valves.

Trouvay and Cauvin’s Jon Mason explains “International Oil Companies examine the total supply chain much more closely. As a result manufacturers of valves and SP products must ensure and validate the appropriate sourcing of materials.” Quotations to IOCs need to show which sub-suppliers will be used and that these  sub-suppliers maintain the necessary approval and certification with bodies like Norsok.

Client orders can stipulate that sub-suppliers are in accordance with the sub-suppliers’ list submitted by the supplier and customer or third-party inspections can be made at the sub-suppliers’ facilities. “The final certification and documentation submission to the client must incorporate all of the documents which validate all component parts as two of our recent projects demonstrate” adds Jon Mason.

Trouvay & Cauvin Limited and Viar Valvole supply valves to BP In Amenas in Algeria on a JV between 2 IOCs, Aibel UK Limited and Sontrach, where conditions of supply for duplex and super duplex SS are extremely strict and material traceability is to BP standards. All materials must be sourced from European manufacturers and be compliant with Norsok M650. The material requirements are severe including ferritescope examination to ASTM E562, corrosion testing to ASTM A923 Method C and charpy impact testing in both transverse and longitudinal orientations.supex duplex 2

Similarly challenging conditions apply on the BP Chirag Oil Project, an offshore topsides project in the Caspian Sea. Trouvay & Cauvin Limited work with both the EPC contractor KBR in the UK and the operator AIOC in Baku to supply filters, strainers, piping spools and flame arresters in duplex and super duplex SS from CDB Engineering and Elmac Technologies. All materials are sourced from European manufacturers with material testing requirements similar to the In Amenas project.

“Use of duplex and super duplex increases project by project and customers need absolute assurance that they are getting what they have ordered. Through our suppliers this is guaranteed” says Jon Mason.