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Trouvay & Cauvin UK was delighted to be an invited speaker at the recent Libyan City Gas Day Workshop, held at the Corinthia Hotel, Tripoli.libyan gas day speaker

The Chairman of GASLY, (The General Gas Transmission & Distribution Co)  Mr Lutfi Layas, opened the workshop with a speech, followed by companies involved in the Libyan Infrastructure Projects including, The Housing & Infrastructure Board (H.I.B) and GECOL (General Electricity Company).

Trouvay & Cauvin lead a mainly British-based Consortium of manufacturers and suppliers, providing products and technical services for high, medium and low pressure gas systems.

The diversity of products & services provided by the Consortium include high technology equipment, such as the Elster range of Smart Meters; Metering and Pressure Reduction Stations, the AVK Donkin range of gas valves - as well as standard products, like Electro fusion fittings supplied by Radius Systems & Gas service and mains fittings manufactured by Wask. In addition services include the provision of training and technical advice and specialist tooling and welding equipment provided by Hy-ram.

The workshop was a positive step in the start of the regeneration of the Libyan Infrastructure and T&C with its local representation is well placed to support this development.

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