New Flame Arrester from Trouvay & Cauvin partner Elmac Technologies


Trouvay & Cauvin UK alliance partner and world leaders in flame arresters and tank vessel protection Elmac Technologies has introduced a new range of end-of-line flame arresters – the EVA Series. Developed for specific use with gases in explosion groups IIA1 and IIA, the EVA Series offers considerable improved performance and lower maintenance costs.

trouvay cauvin-elmac flame arrestors

Eric Buchanan, Managing Director of Trouvay & Cauvin UK comments, “The crucial development from the Elmac team is within the crimped ribbon flame arresting element where the free area and length of each element has been optimised. The result is the greatest free area of any IIA end-of-line flame arrester available today.”

In performance terms this means the EVA Series provides superior high flow capacities with minimal pressure drops. It is also less susceptible to clogging and fouling and with less weight is easier to install and maintain. Other benefits are an increased number of materials available including carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex steel and Hastelloy, a wide variety of connection types and size ranges up to 24” (600mm) NB. The range is tested to EN ISO 16852 and available with a four weeks lead time.

Eric Buchanan adds, “Elmac and ourselves have worked together with customers who work with the IIA1 and IIA explosion groups to develop these new products to meet their ever increasing needs.”

Over several years, in addition to Elmac, Trouvay & Cauvin UK Limited has built strategic alliances with world class manufacturers to form the TC Supplier Alliance.  These also include:  Viar Valvole - floating and trunnion mounted ball valves; CDB Engineering – filtration and speciality piping products and Arflu – gate, globe and check valves.