Huge investment in testing subsea valves by Trouvay & Cauvin partner Viar Valvole


Huge investment in testing subsea valves.......

_pm25927In a further expansion of its testing capability, established valve manufacturer, Viar Valvole, has invested heavily in a new hyperbaric chamber at its manufacturing facility in Sumirago, Italy. The company is represented by Trouvay & Cauvin Limited.

Over 200,000 euros have been spent on equipment within a totally new plant dedicated to hyperbaric testing of its extensive range of subsea valves. Viar Valvole explains, “This is all part of our commitment to ensure total suitability and compliance of our products at all levels.”

The new chamber has an internal diameter of 4 metres, an overall length of 6 metres with a water capacity of 49,000 litres. Current simulated depth is 400 metres, however this is expected to increase after successful completion of all initial testing.

A maximum P.S.I. of 400 can be exerted within the chamber and it can test valves to a size complete with ROV gearbox up to 30" class 300 or 24" class 1500. Certification is according to TüV module G.

Eric Buchanan, Managing Director of Trouvay & Cauvin comments, “Trouvay & Cauvin Limited is delighted with the continued investment that Viar Valvole has been making over the last few years in its testing facilities. This strengthens our very fruitful relationship and gives our customers even greater confidence that we can meet their most demanding subsea specifications.”