Subsea Products

viar flangesFittings, Connectors and Valves are the main focus of Trouvay & Cauvin's subsea product range.

With European manufacturers who stand for compliance, competitiveness and flexibility, T&C are confident that our range of subsea products will complement their existing product range of Valves, SPPs and Piping.

Forged Speciality Fittings, Connectors & Pipe

All Materials to Class 2500 (<10,000PSI)

  • Tees

              > Barred
              > Lateral
              > Flanges (standard or compact)
              > Studded

  • Clamp Type Hub Connectors

              > VIAR LOCK CLOSURE
              > QUICK LOCK CLOSURE 

  • Wye Pieces
  • Spool Pieces
  • Pipe

Forged Special Flanges

All Materials to Class 2500 (<10,000PSI)

  • Anchor Flanges
  • Swivel Ring Flanges
  • Misalignment Flanges
  • Compact Flanges

           > NORSOK
           > VIAR