Expansion of TROUVAY & CAUVIN’s main facility in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, U.A.E.

The expansion of TROUVAY & CAUVIN’s main logistic platform and facility in Jebel Ali Free Zone is fully underway and it is expected to be completed in September 2019.

Following the strong business growth registered in the past few years, the existing and historical facility of TROUVAY & CAUVIN, conveniently located near the Jebel Ali Port, had become too small for running  efficiently our operations. The expansion was hence a necessity for the Group to continue to bring the same high level of service to our Customers in the Middle East and the African continent.

This major expansion consists in the addition of a 10,000 sqm plot to our original 19,000 sqm yard. The full refurbishment of a 6,000 sqm warehouse in the new plot, associated with the construction of a light  piping spool fabrication shed will allow the warehousing capacity in our Jebel Ali facility to jump to 9,000 sqm.

This major development will allow TROUVAY & CAUVIN to streamline its operations and to increase the range of products kept in inventory readily available to service our Clients and their projects. In addition the new facility will enable a significant development of the range of services that TROUVAY & CAUVIN is already performing in-house.


TROUVAY & CAUVIN AFRIQUE moves to a new state of the art facility in Abidjan marking a new milestone in its development!

Over 35 years of presence in Ivory Coast has allowed Trouvay & Cauvin to become a trusted partner of the local Ivorian industries for the supply of a wild range of products and services. From this main logistic base in Abidjan, Trouvay & Cauvin is also servicing the entire sub-region.

In 2018 the office and yard of Trouvay Cauvin Afrique have been relocated to a state of the art new facility located Rue Paul Langevin prolongée - zone 4 in Abidjan. This large facility allows the team an improved reactivity in the servicing of our local Client base, an increased stock range and enable the addition of several new in-house services reinforcing the value of T&C Afrique’s offering.

The inauguration of the new facility took place on 25th and 26th October.A very lively reception was organized in the evening and it was the opportunity for the T&C Afrique Management, the full T&C Afrique team as well as the Management of the Group to thank our local and international Clients, Partners and Suppliers.

Laurent Marie, Chairman of the Trouvay & Cauvin Group reminded during his speech that opened the reception his personal attachment to T&C Afrique that he personally managed earlier in his career for four years. Reminding the main steps of the history of the long presence of T&C in Ivory Coast, Mr. Marie thanked all the Clients, Partners, Suppliers and T&C personnel who have contributed over the years to its growth.A ribbon cutting ceremony in presence of the village chiefs and government officials followed the speech.