The Trouvay & Cauvin Group Valve Automation Center provides a wide range of services to optimize the operational lifespan of valves and actuators.



Maintenance and Repair

The Trouvay & Cauvin Group Valve Automation Center can provide Valve/Actuator repair and refurbishment services with back-to-back warranty from the original manufacturers. Our team of trained engineers can provide assistance throughout the region. Where repairs are not possible on-site, our strategically located repair centers enable us to provide a flexible solution to our customer’s problems.

The valves and actuators that are repaired and/or refurbished by our Valve Automation Centers are recertified by us, and covered by warrantees from the original manufacturers. This enables us to act as a regional repair center for multiple manufacturers. It also ensure our customers benefit from the support of both Trouvay & Cauvin Group and the manufacturer.


The Trouvay & Cauvin Group Valve Automation Center can provide a wide variety of testing services, including, but not limited to, Hydrostatic testing, Pneumatic testing, High Pressure Gas tests, Fugitive Emissions tests, Magnetic Particle testing, Dye Penetrant testing, Radiographic testing and PMI. We also serve as an independent test facility for customers, manufacturers and traders in the region to test and re-certify valves and/or actuators.

We have standing agreements with several third-party testing facilities to assist in any special testing requirements. All test results are assured by Trouvay & Cauvin and certificates are issued by us, in accordance with applicable standards and based on our customer's requirements.

Additional Services

Over and above our standard services, we also provide additional services including but not limited to:

  • Project painting of valves (internal & external) and actuators
  • Tagging, color coding and marking services for projects
  • Project documentation support
  • Yearly maintenance contracts
  • Material management services
  • Valve data register and P&ID maintenance