Steam, Hot water systems and Instrumentation

Steam and hot water systems are not only used extensively in water treatment plants for sludge treatment, but also in hospitals, for example. TROUVAY & CAUVIN supplies heat exchanger packages, steam boilers, storage systems, pressure and temperature control products… to improve the safety and efficiency of the overall plant.


humidifier icon
  • Live steam humidifiers for AHU applications
  • Electric or pneumatic operation
  • With  steam trap and isolation
  • Multi-lance versions available

Pressure / Temperature Regulators

  • Pressure reducing valves
  • Cyclone separators
  • Temperature regulators
  • Control valves



  • Stainless steel / ductile iron
  • Direct acting / diaphragm operated / external pilot
  • Pressure up to 20 bar & temperature up to 232 ° C


Steam Traps

steam trap icon in white
  • 5 years warranted SS inverted bucket type (up to 28 bar)
  • Float & Thermostatic type
  • Control disc
  • Bimetallic
  • Thermostatic wafer type
  • Thermostatic bellow type
  • Fully equipped Trap Valve Station (TVS)


  • Pressure from 0,1 bar to 124 bar saturated & superheated
  • Temperature up to 565 ° C
  • From 1/2″ to 3″ connection FLANGED / SW / screwed / NPT / BSPT
  • Carbon steel / forged steel / stainless steel / …
  • Condensate load up to 127,000 kg/hr

Steam Tracing

steam tracing icon in white
  • Double sealed valves
  • Manifold for steam distribution
  • Manifold for condensate collection



  • Complete trap valve station in forged steel with inlet/outlet / blow down / test valves
  • Steam distribution and condensate return manifold in forged steel, up to 400 ° C / 32 bar

Manifolds and Valve Stations

Manifolds icon white color

Steam Distribution

  • 4, 8 and 12-way manifolds for steam distribution
  • Cast carbon steel body, with optional isolation valves & steam trap
  • Insulation jackets and fabricated stands also available


Condensate Collection

  • 4, 8 and 12-way manifolds for steam distribution
  • Cast carbon steel body, with optional isolation valves & steam traps
  • Insulation jackets and fabricated stands also available


Trap Valve Stations

  • 2-way trap valve station for steam duty
  • Cast iron. carbon or stainless steel body
  • Integral or quick-fit steam trap designs available
  • Options include blowdown valves and test valve

Condensate Recovery Equipment

condensate recovery system icon in white

Pressurised condensate return

  • Fabricated recovery sets for returning condensate directly into the boiler
  • Dual pump models with automated level control
  • Commissioning service available


Atmospheric condensate recovery set


  • Fabricated condensate recovery sets with electric pumps
  • Single pump or dual pump model available
  • Full control panel or BMS control
  • On / off or variable speed pump models
  • Reed switch or magnetic level gauge control



  • Mechanical condensate pumps
  • Fully automatic
  • Steam or compressed air powered
  • Single pumps or fully fabricated recovery sets available


Flash Vessels

  • Carbon steel flash vessels to PD5500


Stainless Steel Pump Ejectors

  • Steam-powered mechanical ejectors for fluid recovery/pumping
  • Steam or compressed air powered
  • No moving parts


  • Mechanical pump steam-operated or neutral gas-operated (air/nitrogen) in fabricated steel P265GH / P275H
  • Connection from 1″ to 3″ flanged
  • Flash tank to convert high-pressure condensate into low-pressure steam

Mixing Valves and Calorifiers

Mixing Valves

  • Thermostatic mixing valves
  • Single handle mixing valves
  • Steam-water mixing valves
  • Tempering valve (to ensure that a constant desired temperature is maintained)


  • Hot water storage calorifier
  • Semi storage calorifier
  • Storage type calorifier
  • Electric calorifier
  • Expansion vessels


All calorifiers are available in horizontal and vertical types.