Onsite project management services

Project Management Services

Energy and construction Project management services are often complex in nature and involve planning, organizing, and controlling resources (people, materials, and equipment) to achieve specific project goals within a defined timeline and budget.

Given the complexities involved in this domain, many clients opt to outsource project management services to specialized companies. Outsourcing provides several benefits, including the reduction of the internal workload, access to specialized expertise, and improved project efficiency and effectiveness.

At TROUVAY & CAUVIN, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer a wide range of project management services with a proven track record of success. Our dedicated and experienced team takes a thorough approach, studying each client’s unique requirements and aligning our core competencies to meet their needs effectively. Through this process, we ensure that project services are executed quickly, efficiently, and with a high degree of predictability, allowing our clients to focus on their core competencies while we handle the project management.

Material Consultation services provided by TROUVAY & CAUVIN

Material Technical Consulting

Material sourcing

Material Sourcing and Procurement

Project Material Management done by TROUVAY & CAUVIN

Project Material Management

Inventory Management done by TROUVAY & CAUVIN

Project Inventories

Piping Spools pre-fabrication done in association with TROUVAY & CAUVIN partner

Piping Spools Prefabrication

Warehousing and logistics services provided by TROUVAY & CAUVIN

Material Logistics, Warehousing, Management

Pipe preparation including Finishing, Cutting,Beveling & Grooving

Material Preparation and Testing

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