Mining and other industries


Thanks to rising demand, increasing scarcity, and safety and environmental concerns, the challenges of mining minerals and metals have increased in the recent past.

The mining industry is considered a rugged industry where most of the materials and equipment used are subject to constant wear and tear. Erosion and abrasion resistant process pipes, fittings, flanges, couplings and plates are commonly used in the mining industry to flush slurry from mining sites.

We stock and supply various grades of CS, SS, alloy and HDPE pipes, fittings, flanges and valves (manual and automated) together with a wide range of products such as centrifugal pumps, wear resistant plates, chambers, manholes, strainers, welding equipment with consumables and measuring devices (sensors, thermometers and field transmitters…), acting as a one-stop solution provider for the most demanding mining applications.

Petrochemical / Chemical industry

In the chemical industry, different types of chemical products are manufactured in different production processes, so a wide range of piping solutions is required to transport different gases and liquids.

We have an extensive and diversified stock of process pipes (CS, SS, alloys…) in different grades and sizes, along with manual and actuated valves, fittings, flanges and specialty piping products to cater to greenfield projects or chemical plant maintenance.

With our solid experience in meeting the material needs of the chemical industry and a team of qualified engineers with in-depth technical skills and knowledge in the design, installation and commissioning of the material we supply, we can support you at every stage of the project cycle, no matter where the plant is built or how stringent the operating environment.

Food and Beverage industry

Maintaining the sanitation of the production, storage and distribution facilities is one of the biggest challenges facing the food and beverage industry. Therefore, it is only natural to work with a material supplier that understands the sanitation requirements and can supply materials that meet established industry standards.

As a leading supplier of piping solutions for various industrial customers, we have become the preferred partner for the food and beverage industry. With robust supply chain management covering the entire project cycle, we not only supply PVF, steam and hot water solutions, instrumentation and measuring devices to the food and beverage industry, but also provide them with value-added MRO services to ensure their plants are operating at optimum efficiency.

Pulp and Paper industry

We are able to supply high quality CS, SS and alloy pipes, process valves and fittings designed for use in the pulp and paper industry, able to withstand high pressures and temperatures while being effectively protected against corrosion and abrasion.

Our in-house valve automation centre also ensures valves are actuated to pulp and paper industry specifications, reducing downtime and ensuring optimum mill efficiency and safety.

Pharmaceutical industry

Hygiene and product integrity are two of the most important aspects of any piping system in the pharmaceutical industry. The quality of the inner surface of the pipes has a direct impact on product quality and purity. It is important that the pipes do not alter the properties of the product they transport. Also, the pipes should not make cleaning difficult.

The TROUVAY & CAUVIN Group supplies quality pipes for pharmaceutical and high purity process applications, in various qualities and in full compliance with project requirements.

Project References

Image used for representation only

Sadara Dow Reverse Osmosis Project

Year: 2017, Location: KSA

Client: DOW

Products Supplied: CS, SS, Hastealloy pipes, fittings, flanges, valves and fabricated spools

Image used for representation only

Multi-chem Batch Plant

Year: 2019, Location: KSA

Client: Halliburton

Products Supplied: CS pipes, fittings and flanges

Image used for representation only

Zubair Power Generation Plant

Year: 2017, Location: Iraq

Client: Eni Energy

Products Supplied: CS pipes, fittings and flanges

Image used for representation only

Al Dur Phase 2 Power Plant

Year: 2019, Location: Bahrain

Client: Tatweer Petroleum

Products Supplied: CS pipes, valves, fittings and flanges

Image used for representation only

Maaden Ammonia Plant

Year: 2019, Location: KSA

Client: Maaden (Saudi Arabian Mining Company)

Products Supplied: CS seamless pipes

Image used for representation only

Olefins Chemical Plant Project

Year: 2021, Location: Vietnam

Client: Long Son Petrochemicals

Products Supplied: CS and SS fittings