Core Values

Our Corporate Values

Our core values are at the heart of what we do. They determine how we conduct our business. They define who we are and reflect our commitment to fair business practises, the sustainability of our operations and the well-being of our employees.

Every employee of TROUVAY & CAUVIN adheres to the detailed Code of Conduct derived from our set of core values, which determines how they behave within the company, towards customers, suppliers, and all other business partners.

This not only ensures a uniform approach in all TROUVAY & CAUVIN branches but also motivates employees to always give their best and additionally creates a positive working environment based on trust and mutual respect.

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We remain agile and flexible throughout our business. This not only enables us to respond more quickly to market changes, but also respond proactively to evolving situations and challenges without losing our competitive edge.

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We embrace diversity, and promote inclusion and respect to channel collective energy. We create a friendly work environment and develop a strong sense of belonging.

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We act with honesty and fairness, behaving professionally and righteously in our daily activities. We have zero tolerance for unethical behaviour.

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We strive to innovate and think outside the box to quickly, find practical solutions to challenges and problems we face.

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Our commitment to quality is an absolute priority that has earned TROUVAY & CAUVIN the trust of its customers over the years, who operate in extremely demanding industries.

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We are reliable and can be trusted to honour commitments made and quickly find workable solutions to unforeseen challenges.

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We strive for simplicity in our operations. We like to keep things simple to ensure that we remain efficient, responsive and pragmatic in meeting our clients' challenges.

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We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our daily operations and ensuring their sustainability towards the environment, the communities we are part of and society as a whole.