Oil & Gas


Exploration and Production Projects

With decades of experience in supplying products for large upstream projects (exploration and production), TROUVAY & CAUVIN has a thorough understanding of the challenges these projects present and has all the resources and expertise to offer tailor-made solutions to meet stringent customer requirements of its customers.

From the supply of pipes, valves, fittings, flanges, special piping products, structural steel and special equipment such as tanks, separators, heaters… to providing a full range of value-added services onsite or offsite, we cover the entire cycle of all upstream activities, whether onshore or offshore.

Offshore Production Facilities (Rigs / Platforms / FPSO / FLNG)

Offshore exploration and production takes place in a challenging environment. Due to the diversity of conditions and types of facilities, pipe, valve and fitting (PVF) solutions require an experienced supplier that puts product quality and traceability at the heart of its operations, supported by a specialised team that understands the challenges of the offshore industry.

With deep roots in offshore supply, thanks to its first-ranked mills’ inventory and a special division fully dedicated to upstream applications and managed by a team of experts, TROUVAY & CAUVIN is the trusted material supply partner for the full range of pipes, valves, flanges, fittings, structural steel, specialty piping products and MRO equipment needed in offshore production facilities. We can support you from the seabed to surface.


  • Subsea
  • Fixed Platform (FP)
  • Semi-Submersible Platforms (SSP)
  • Compliant Tower (CP)
  • Tension Leg Platform (TLP)
  • SPAR Platform (SPAR)
  • Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO)
  • Mobile Offshore Production Unit (MOPU)
  • Drilling Platform
  • Shipbuilding, conversion & ship repair

Onshore Production Facilities

The TROUVAY & CAUVIN Group’s expertise and experience in the delivery and execution of major onshore oil and gas projects is second to none. We are well equipped to supply the full range of structural steel, line pipe, process piping, valves, flanges, fittings, instrumentation and control systems for all greenfield and brownfield projects for all types of onshore oil and gas facilities, from drilling to production.


  • Oil/gas separation Units
  • Terminals
  • Onshore Platforms

Upstream Project References

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BAB 485 MBD Sustainable Facilities

Year: 2020 - 2021, Location: UAE

Client: ADNOC

Materials Supplied: Process and line pipes, CS seamless pipes, UL/FM approved fittings, flanges

Image used for representation only

Artic LNG-2

Year: 2019 - 2021, Location: Russia

Client: Novatek

Materials Supplied: LTCS seamless and welded pipes, fittings and flanges

Image used for representation only

Tortue Phase 1 EPC

Year: 2019 - 2020, Location: Senegal, Africa

Client: BP

Materials Supplied: Structural plates, seamless and saw tubulars, CS seamless pipes

Image used for representation only

Kasawari Field Development

Year: 2021, Location: Malaysia

Client: BP

Materials Supplied: Structural plates, seamless and saw tubulars, CS seamless pipes


Process, Store and Transport

The midstream industry processes, stores and transports crude oil, natural gas, liquefied natural gas (mainly ethane, propane and butane) and sulphur. These substances are transported via pipelines, which play a very important role in the movement of the substances. External climatic conditions, internal material pressure, high yield, corrosion, abrasiveness, etc. are some key parameters that influence the choice of pipelines used in this sector.

TROUVAY & CAUVIN, with its long experience in supplying to major midstream projects around the world, is very familiar with the constraints of this sector and is well placed to meet the needs of the midstream sector. We carry a wide range of products such as CS pipes, fittings, flanges and valves from reputable and approved manufacturers that meet the latest industry standards and specifications for midstream applications.

Midstream Project References

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Rumaila Oilfield

Year: 2011 - 2021, Location: Iraq

Client: Rumaila Oilfield / BP

Materials Supplied: Line pipes, fittings, manual and actuated valves

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Algeria Field Development

Year: 2015 - 2021, Location: Algeria

Client: Sonatrach

Materials Supplied: CS seamless line pipes, UL/FM ductile iron gate and check valves, fittings

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Fujairah Terminal Phase 2 Expansion

Year: 2020, Location: UAE

Client: Brooge Energy

Products Supplied: Pipes, fittings and flanges

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Northern Arabia Unconventional Gas System ‘A’ Project

Year: 2016 - 2017, Location: KSA

Client: Saudi Aramco

Materials Supplied: CS / SS / AS seamless pipes, CS welded pipes, fittings


Storage and Distribution

The downstream sector includes oil refineries, petrochemical plants, fertilizer factories and distribution networks. Products such as petrol, gas, diesel and other fuels are processed here, as well as petroleum-based products such as lubricants, synthetic rubber, plastics, fertilizers, antifreeze and pesticides.

From the beginning, the TROUVAY & CAUVIN Group has played a significant role in the development of the downstream hydrocarbon industry. Over the years, we have supplied process pipes, fittings and valves (PVF) for some of the largest downstream projects around the world. Our solid track record means that we have a thorough understanding of the requirements of the processes used in the downstream industry, making us a reliable partner for greenfield and brownfield downstream projects. We have a team of qualified engineers and technicians who are able to provide on-site technical support and expertise whenever the project requires it (installation, commissioning and start-up).

Downstream Project References

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OSBL Stage 1 Expansion

Year: 2018 - 2020-, Location: Philippines

Client: J G Summit Petrochemicals Group

Products Supplied: CS and SS pipes, valves, fittings (bare and coated)

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Midor Refinery Expansion

Year: 2019 - 2020, Location: Egypt

Client: Midor Refinery

Products Supplied: CS and LTCS seamless pipes

Image used for representation only

Al Zour Refinery

Year: 2016 - 2019-, Location: Kuwait

Client: KIPIC

Products Supplied: Seamless and welded pipes, BW fittings, flanges

Image used for representation only

HIAEPSC Midfield Fuel Farm Expansion

Year: 2017 - 2020, Location: Qatar

Client: Hamad International Airport

Products Supplied: CS and SS pipes, fittings and flanges