Onsite MRO Services

Steam Inspection carried out by a technician

Steam and Condensate Solutions

A technician is working on valves on site

Plant Valve Operations

Flame Arrestors

Flame Arrestors

Steam and Condensate Thermal System Solutions

With TROUVAY & CAUVIN’s extensive knowledge and experience, we are well equipped to deliver precise and reliable steam and condensate solutions for your network. Our specialists are trained to help you improve the reliability and performance of your utility system through ongoing inspection, repair, replacement and routine maintenance of your steam assets.

Energy audits by TROUVAY & CAUVIN

Energy Audits

Steam generation, distribution and consumption analysis

Condensate recovery analysis

Steam traps surveys

Flash steam recovery

Steam Trap Management - Value added service from TROUVAY & CAUVIN

Steam Trap Management

Reliable, accurate trap surveys by our trained, certified technicians

Tools and training to help you conduct your own surveys more accurately and efficiently

Expert diagnosis of issues encountered at site

Innovative products and technologies for accurate system monitoring and effective steam trapping

Optimization Studies from TROUVAY & CAUVIN

Optimization Studies

Water hammer detection, analysis and elimination

Improved drainage of flooded heat exchangers

Improved steam quality

Efficiency, Reliability & Energy Savings

Efficiency, Reliability & Energy Savings

Energy audits to detect defective or leaking traps, identify the cause of any failures and find ways to reduce your energy consumption

Analysis of system deficiencies and advice on simplifying, optimising and increasing the reliability of your trap stations

Safety and Risk Reduction icon

Safety and Risk Reduction

Implement best practices for water hammer, scalding, discharge etc.

Address critical safety issues in boiler rooms, hot water tanks, heaters and other equipment and areas where steam and condensate solutionsplays an important part.

Consider all safety issues while maintaining proper steam and condensate management systems

ROI & Performance assessments

ROI & Performance assessments

Calculation of the current financial and energy losses and the corresponding CO2

Return On Investment (ROI) estimate based on the average cost of equipment and labour.

Propose improvements and timelines, based on target ROI.

System monitoring and dashboard - a value added service from TROUVAY & CAUVIN

System Monitoring & Dashboard

Analyze and monitor data collected by the plant

Analyze each part of the steam system ( from generation to condensate return) and predict how altering any would affect the system

Create a guideline for areas where energy or operational improvements can be made

Maintain the results already achieved and warn of possible dangers
or undesirable events

Maintenance Contract - a value added service from TROUVAY & CAUVIN

Operation & Maintenance contracts

Operations and maintenance services to manage your utilities more efficiently

Tailor-made maintenance contracts that meet the client’s requirements and keep budgets in mind

Plant Valve Operations

The TROUVAY & CAUVIN Group offers a wide range of services for the operation and support of plant valves to ensure continuous and stable operation throughout the life of the plant. With a vast, hands-on experience over the years, we can provide solutions to improve the performance of the plants, save costs, extend service life, and improve productivity as well as efficiency.

Valve repair - value added service from TROUVAY & CAUVIN

Safety Assessment of valve operating procedures

Survey and automation of manual valves in service

Design, fabrication and installation of stem extension kits on existing valves

Valve modification to solve access issues

icon for plant valve operations safety

Assessment and solutions to improve plant operator safety

Evaluate and raise awareness of potential hazards and risks in the plant

Comprehensive analysis and regular risk assessment studies to determine the required maintenance and repair of the facility

On-site valve service - a value added service from TROUVAY & CAUVIN

Onsite retrofit of Valve Safety Systems

Trained and experienced technicians who carry out on-site inspections, tests and repairs on valves and associated safety systems

Replacement of obsolete or defective actuators and sensors

Emergency services for critical applications

Pig Launcher used for pigging in oil and gas industry

Implementation of Smart Pigging systems Interlocking

Identify the right smart pigging system for the pipeline and calculate the ROI

Integration of smart pigging system into the pipeline

Flame Arrestors

Our team of qualified engineers provide technical and service support for flame arrestors installed at site. This includes regular inspection, maintenance and replacement of original spare parts and other components susceptible to friction and corrosion.

We are an authorised service partner for well-known flame arrestor manufacturers and carry out onsite safety audits of flame arrestors and ensure that they are correctly installed in accordance with the latest HSE guidelines.

Inspection & Survey of Flame Arrestors & Vents at site

Ensure compliance to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU (Equipment Directive), and ATEX Directive 1999/92/EC (Workplace Directive)

Maintenance of Flame Arrestors