Environmental Sustainability

TROUVAY & CAUVIN recognizes the importance of being part of society, the importance of respecting moral, ethical, social and environmental commitments, and the importance of contributing in every way possible to the sustainable development of the community.

Our ESG team is committed to making a positive contribution to a sustainable supply chain by launching several initiatives that not only ensure the sustainability of our operations, but also strengthen our business resilience.

This means that you are not only working with one of the leading pipes, valves, fittings (PVF) and structural steel suppliers that has decades of experience in delivering major energy projects, but also with a supplier that is fully committed to the sustainability of its operations!

Environmental Sustainability

ISO 14001 certified for environmental sustainable operations

We are certified ISO 14001:2015; internationally recognized as the leading standard for environmental management systems (EMS).

TROUVAY &CAUVIN is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its daily operations and ensuring their sustainability in the management and conduct of its business. Our goal is to achieve greater economic efficiency while aligning our sustainability goals across our operations worldwide.

Our goal is to incorporate the best and latest environmental management practices into our operations to ensure efficient use of water and energy, limit material consumption by “reducing” and “reusing” rather than “disposing” and/or “recycling” whenever possible, and prevent any type of pollution.

Our Environmental Sustainability Examples

Environmental sustainability - Say no to one time use plastics

Policy to ban any single-use plastic items in our offices such as plate, cups, bottles and utensils

Environmental sustainability - reduce reuse recycle

Policy to re-use and recycle all packaging material in our operation

Sandblasting Facility at Trouvay & Cauvin Jebel Ali Facility

Control and provision of filtration system in our blasting and coating processes to ensure those have no negative impact on the air quality and the environment

Environmental sustainability - waste management

Control of waste generated in our operation following a disposal and recycling plan to minimise landfill disposal and avoid soil pollution.

Environmental sustainability - plant trees and save environment

Conduct annual tree planting activity in coordination with local authorities and/or charitable organizations.

Environmental sustainability - water management

Control the use of water & electricity and other natural resource via regular internal environmental awareness campaign and dialogs.