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Offsite Prefabrication Division

Unlock The Power Of Modularity

Delivering bespoke and innovative Offsite Prefabrication Solutions

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The future of the construction industry is undergoing a paradigm shift towards modern construction methods.

TROUVAY & CAUVIN is contributing to this shift with its range of Offsite Prefabricated Solutions. From cost and time savings, increased predictability, improved asset management, shortened deadlines and improved project quality to environmental friendliness, our range of offsite prefabrication solutions offers our clients the best value for money for installing these solutions for their construction projects.

At TROUVAY & CAUVIN, we understand the importance of the design process and that it plays a crucial role in the implementation of offsite prefabrication solutions. This is why we have a multidisciplinary team of experienced and professional engineers, designers and consultants who work together for the success of your project. Using sophisticated 3D modelling software, we provide project-specific, accurate and workable solutions for a wide range of projects without compromising on the original design.

We offer Offsite Prefabricated Solutions at our highly specialised, state-of-the-art facility in Jebel Ali – Dubai. From prefabricated single-service elements to multi-service units, we offer our clients a wide range of products that are integrated into prefabricated systems using advanced engineering concepts, the latest systems and materials under factory-controlled conditions.

TROUVAY & CAUVIN is committed to providing its customers with high quality, innovative, effective and time-saving offsite prefabrication solutions that are unmatched in terms of performance and capacity.

Single Service MEP Modules
• Pipe Spools
• Duct work
• Unit Modules
• Packages

Multi-Service MEP Modules
• Horizontal ceiling Modules with pipes, cable trays….
• Vertical ceiling Modules with pipes, HVAC systems, cable trays…
• Services riser shaft Modules
• Plant room Modules
• Skids

Concept of different offsite prefabrication modules for a building
Concept showing different offsite prefabrication modules used in a industrial plant

The Process

A fully coordinated process complimenting the basic design

work flow process for offsite prefabrication

The Design

Specific, Accurate, Workable

offsite prefabrication 3D design

We have a highly skilled, professional and cohesive team of designers, modellers and coordinators who use sophisticated processes and software to develop all our prefabrication drawings in-house.

The prefabricated modules are created using dedicated software and then fully coordinated with our MEP models. Our MEP modellers are familiar with all leading BIM and related software applications.

In addition to the collision-free BIM models, we also offer LOD 450 fabrication models, fabrication drawings, spool drawings, coordinated MEP installation drawings, scan-to BIM as-built drawings and a quantity take-off service for material purchase.

We provide Mechanical 3D Modeling for:
• Heating and cooling systems
• Fire protection systems
• HVAC systems
• Fabrication drawings
• Spool drawings
• All types of MEP modules
• All types of MEP skids

The Material Supply

Unmatched scope of supply

The TROUVAY & CAUVIN Group’s long-standing relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers, combined with our procurement expertise, give you access to the highest quality piping materials, valves, fittings and offsite prefabrication solutions.

Many of the world’s leading contractors rely on the TROUVAY & CAUVIN Group to deliver high quality piping solutions for their construction, water and infrastructure projects.

Not only is our Jebel Ali plant triple certified (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001), but our long-standing relationships with key manufacturing partners such as V&M, Saint Gobain, Armstrong, Devatec, Cephas Valves and Victaulic give the TROUVAY & CAUVIN Group an edge that sets us apart from the competition.

Without our value-added services offering, we would not be a true packer. TROUVAY & CAUVIN Group offers a comprehensive range of services to simplify your project requirements: wrapping, cutting, grooving, painting, sandblasting, assembly, valve actuation, commissioning and maintenance are just a small selection of what we offer.

Our Product Range for Offsite Prefabricated Solutions

  • Seamless & welded carbon steel pipes, fittings and flanges
  • Ductile iron pipes, fittings and valves
  • All types of valves (Butterfly, Gate, Check, Ball, Air Valves…)
  • Grooved couplings
  • FCU Link hook-up
  • Cast iron pipes & fittings
  • Dual-contained polymer piping for hazardous chemicals
  • Design, manufacturing & installation of corrosion-resistant pipe systems, pumping stations & chambers, manholes / municipal castings…
  • Seamless & welded carbon steel pipes, fittings with/without inside/outside coating
  • Exotic piping system including duplex, super duplex and inconel
  • Humidifiers, pressure & temperature controls, steam tracing equipment, steam traps / manifolds
  • Slotted channels
  • Air conditioning ducts
  • Structural steel
  • Electrical containment
  • Pipe hangers and support
  • Bolting

The Fabrication

Advanced design-led technology and equipment

TROUVAY & CAUVIN’s 30,000-square-metre facility in Jebel Ali – Dubai houses a state-of-the-art 6000-square-metre covered warehouse with a fully equipped offsite prefabrication workshop.

This consist in:
Maximum production capacity of 30 modules per day
With a production capacity of 150 modules per week
Fully HSE CERTIFIED and compliant work environment

Outstanding features that distinguish TROUVAY & CAUVIN from other suppliers and providers of offsite prefabrication solutions are:

  • 15,000 tons of material stock in the yards to meet critical requirements
  • A full range of value-added services performed in-house on the materials.
    Thanks to our own full-fledged machining floor equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, and our skilled and trained workforce, we are able to carry out most of the specialized works in-house, reducing the need to outsource. This allows for quick turnaround to meet promised deliveries. It also relieves our customers of the associated subcontracting and allows them to focus on other important aspects of the project.

An advanced workshop to meet all your offsite prefabrication needs.
The services offered by TROUVAY & CAUVIN include pipe finishing, manual and machine cutting, threading, beveling, grooving, shot blasting, painting, coating, welding, colour coding, bar coding, packing…

What is not done in-house is subcontracted to qualified local suppliers under TROUVAY & CAUVIN’s supervision to ensure that both fast delivery times and quality standards are met.

The Benefits

Specific Solutions with Multiple Benefits!

offsite prefabrication icon for increased productivity

Increased Construction Productivity

Faster construction with time savings of up to 60%. Onsite and Offsite work is carried out simultaneously, making more efficient use of skilled labour.

offsite prefabrication icon for quality control

Better Quality Control

Because most of the work is done in a factory-controlled environment, accuracy is higher and error is less likely. Improved quality controls at every step.

offsite prefabrication icon for time saving

Reduced Lead Time

Thanks to the readily available stock in our yards, the prefabrication process can begin as soon as the designs are approved, without losing time in ordering and receiving materials.

offsite prefabrication icon for safe work environment

Improved Workplace Safety

Construction sites are safer and more conducive as most work is done offsite, and less time is spent working at height

offsite prefabrication icon for environment friendly

Environment and Sustainability

Significant reduction in dust, and noise pollution. Onsite waste can be virtually eliminated and any waste produced can be controlled and recycled.

icon for cost savings

Cost Saving

Improved cost productivity. The use of standardised products can lead to economies of scale and reduce the need for onsite manpower, tools and equipment...

icon for BIM design

BIM Design

High level of customization and flexibility. Optimization of schedule and costs. Improve Onsite Collaboration and Communication.

icon for logistics

Controlled Logistics

Unaffected by weather conditions or other trades, Prefabricated modules provide overall reduction in schedules and greater certainty of delivery.

icon for damage prevention

Damage Prevention

Ground-up installation of MEP modules eliminates many connection problems. Since onsite work only consists of connecting MEP modules to mains, there is minimum damage to components.

icon for assest management

Reduced Asset Management

Reduced failure rates and more reliable asset performance helps to reduce opex cost over the life of the asset.